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Silver: Darcy Abriel

Darcy Abriel
Novel length

Official summary:

Born to freedom. Molded into submission. Pleasure is her only weapon.

Humanotica, Book 1

No matter what the law decrees, Entreus is no one’s chattel. And he’s determined that no other humanotic—part human, part robot—spends one more second under the stranglehold of the power-mad government machine. That means doing whatever it takes to advance the cause for freedom. Even seduce a government minister’s favorite toy, a newly minted trinex named Silver.

Silver was a free woman until she committed the ultimate sin—pretending to be male to gain entrance to an exclusive science academy. Her punishment: modification. Now she is equal parts female, male and machine. The property of the secretive, charismatic Lel Kesselbaum, whose appetites push her new sexual abilities to heights of pleasure that make her wonder who is master, who is slave.

Until Entreus bargains his body in exchange for a secret meeting that rekindles her longing for freedom. Yet helping the fiery revolutionary execute his plan isn’t so simple, especially when she discovers her master’s secret—a secret that leaves her heart torn between two men. And one step in the wrong direction could mean death for them all.

I would have classified this as science fiction first and erotica second. Unfortunately, because it was bought from Samhain without regard to the tags, it was assumed to be erotic romance. I spent the first half of the book dazed and confused about its romance, until it became clear it wasn’t romance, and then things clicked.

Still. This book needed a little more editing for clarity. At halfway through, I wasn’t sure who was and was not the actual love interest because it didn&rsquot seem like the two men were written to be together; they were more like adversaries with a common goal. It’s not that I would have wanted that ambiguity, but it led to a sharp right turn in tone/purpose in the middle of the book that could have been rectified in the first half. The technology was not explained well enough and there was too much going on.

The sex scenes were inventive and carefully written so as to bring out emotion. It wasn’t mindless. They were also very very hot. The science fiction concepts in regard to the sex was also interesting and gave it even more depth.

The mechanically created hermaphrodite heroine both loathes and enjoys her relatively new masculine traits, but throws a random comment out at the end that had no real foreshadowing. However, since this is a series, I’ll give that a pass as being akin to a cliffhanger.

92 for the emotional and purpose-driven, and also very hot and kinky sex.
76 for the need for clarity.

MPAA rating: NC-17

Grade: 84/100


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